• Banquets for the Soul

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    There are many bible study reference books; there are also many recipe books. However, it is rare to read a book which combines the two. Reading and sharing are normally how we conduct bible studies. In fact, we should try other bible study materials which can stimulate our senses – smelling and tasting – which can solidify abstract information in our memories! Using food and mealtime sharing is an effective ice-breaker for evangelizing.

    Rev. D. Ng
    Kong Fok Church

  • From Wall Street to Alone in Paris

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    "Suitable for any food lover, “From Wall Street to Alone in Paris – Transforming Perspectives at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School” is an honest and inspiring account of how Alvina left the financial world to be trained in the culinary arts at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu. I admire Alvina's boldness to change careers and pursue her passion in cooking and helping fellow “Chef de L’Amour”to show love to their families through cooking. Apart from the delicious recipes and interesting stories from her time in Paris, this book has an important message that no matter what field of work we are in, we must seek God's will in our lives and be passionate in everything we do. I hope this book will be an encouragement to all of you in discovering your own dreams and purpose in life. Bon Appétit!"

    Frederick Ma Si Hang
    Former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Hong Kong SAR Government

  • Teaching Kids how to Think. Cook. Save. Our Food

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    I always advise our next generation to pay attention to their health, as we can only have the strength to achieve our dreams with a healthy body. This book brings out the important message that our diet directly affects our health. Starting from childhood, we should learn how to choose fresh and nutritious food.

    Professor Joseph J. Y. Sung
    Vice-Chancellor and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Alvina Cookery

In the program, Alvina will demonstrate French gastronomy while inviting celebrities to share their Christian faith. Together they will discuss how Christian faith and God's wisdom have helped them face challenges in the commercial world.