I left the investment banking industry in 2010. At that time, only a handful of us understood the concept of “To Love & Be Loved Through Cooking”. In fact, some may even ask “how can cooking be a toolbox to reach people’s soul with joy, love and peace?”

My participation in the RTHK program “Rich Mate Poor Mate” in the summer of 2013 has provided me a platform to recycle leftover / unsold fresh food, and to prepare healthy dishes under a tight budget for the underprivileged. Food distribution in Hong Kong remains very uneven. Redistributing food resources can directly address the underprivileged’s basic needs, while also giving them a sense of hope. From the show, I realized that our culinary skills are not just about cooking good food to fill our stomach. In fact, Cooking is a bridge to connect people such that we can all love and care about each other.

Through Cooking, we can pass on:

  • Love to our Family
  • Love to our Environment and Communities
  • Love and Passion to our purposes in Life, bringing Faith and Hope to others

Keep cooking! With our hands, we can create delicious memories, to love and be loved!